Werwolf — the Primordial Science from the Black field

Metamilitary (Combat) System of the Black Lineages

Key system of physical and metaphysical protection is Knowledge of OMANU Technology (Human Body)

Segments of this Knowledge (Werwolf — OMMIISSWW) last time on planet Earth were brought by the Black Lama at the head of a delegation from another humanoid planet that descended on Tibet (Instructors from Algol). Instructors from Algol brought a scientific process that materialized. The knowledge adopted is maximally used and shaped under pre-existing conditions. A man has to be adapted or nothing. It’s a necessity called a quantum leap into Consciousness.

The delegation that descended on Tibet was literally processing people. It was a procedure from a few days to a month — two. They demonstrated the strength of the body when it was active — awakened/opened Heart and the Third Eye. The demonstration was the Installation. It was a Vril Power Demonstration. Not only any doubt about the theory was eliminated, but the Runic network was literally embedded in humans, which they clearly see. Before the demonstration, people watched Rune (Vril) emerge from the Body of the Instructor as a laser and targeted. The runic network lived through the Heart. She incapacitated any eventual evil intent and thus protected the territory. People were creeping out and it was usually already a disruptive factor. This is literally another world. It’s the Heart of the Runic System.

The assimilation and application of the Runic System removes any doubt about everything expressed. The Runic network is literally installed in people that allows them to clearly see and apply and that they are aware that this is All. The Zero Point Field initiates the process of instant action through a new Runic neuroenergy network (Human Body Biocomputer) built in man. The processes of the Body’s bioelectronics are included by reflecting Zero Point Field on a situation or person.

Werwolf develops the abilities and strength of the body in a short time through activation of the Heart and the Third Eye. It’s literally the installation/transmission of the system into the body. Werwolf works directly from Zero Point (Technological Capability of the Black Body). Werwolf Training is Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology. The Mediator is Essence, Base, Source, the one who transmits the System.

Extremely efficient OMMIISSWW Technology requires individuals with innate predispositions who can accept that this is possible. Only those with an open and purified heart can gain insight into this knowledge and have power over themselves. That’s how you forge the Runic Shield. Knowledge protects physically. The most conscious survive. Werwolf is building a New Man. The Law of One protects against deviation and abuse.

OMMIISSWW Training segments have been conducted as secret elite special forces training several times in history. Never before has this level of Zero Point Field and System been lowered.

The Mediator Method One knows in this way and can conduct Werwolf Training provided that absolutely all of its claims are fulfilled.

Instructors from Algol — the Black Order

Instructors from Algol — Black Order — Intergalactic Humanoid intervention for biological purification (genetic reconstruction) of semi–humanoid — authorized for action on Earth. Team of specially trained and genetically modified humanoids for exclusive purpose — to fight against reptiles (hybrid reptoids) and conduct the Scientific Procedure Method One.

There was a total of 24 who came — 12 male and 12 female Masters. The teleportation system is either 12 or 12 +12. Each of them arrived to Earth with 6 additional Energy bodies. It is a total of 168 beings. From Algol they have responded to Black Tibet and they answered concretely to the call for help. Black Tibet is a multidimensional portal.

They brought 2 of the most important technologies — the bio — mechanical OMANU Technology and the bio — metaphysical OMANU Tehnology for the procedure of transformation of the physical body, i.e. construction of the Energy body (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer — OHBB). They have the knowledge of shapeshifting, i.e. ability to change the physical body. This is possible only with the Technology/Knowledge of constructing the New Energy body. Technology for constructing the Energy body is the most powerful technology in the Universe — Technology of Atlantis.

Black Order are Black Lamas. Black Lama — the axle of Phi fluctuation. Black Order are the embodied Knowledge and the embodied symbols — Runes.

Black Lamas — Masters of Dzogchen. Black Lamas are Lamas that even Tibet doesn’t know. There is nothing higher than the Black Lamas. There are 2 types of Black Lamas. The first type is like the Mediator Method One who is embodied in the being which is born. The second type are those from Algol. The shapeshifter forms into a Humanoid. The formed being, on a special polygon, has all the conditions for adaptation and training for action in all situations and climate conditions . They are the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer — OHBB. They must look like humans.

The way of action of the Black Order is extremely efficient problem resolving. This means — for the existing problem there is always instant action of problem resolvement. From that reason only a small number of people can withstand their rigorous rules. The basic rule of action is that there is no rules and there is no discussion. This includes everything that implies the Runic Metamilitary System — military rules. Everything is created so powerfully that the manifestation is instant.

The charasteristics of the Black Lamas are: honor, devotion, loyalty — the highest qualities which today’s human does not possess. The degree of such quality is the result of genetic modification and Method One Training.

Apart from the metamilitary technology, the Black Order has also brought the bioelectronic and mechanical technology for usage in everyday life and high standard.

The disease on planet Earth is a lifestyle. To this day, it has evidently let go deep roots, it reproduces and multiplicates progressively, 24x7. Because of the present way of thinking, the future of the planet is questionable, i.e. the destruction of the entire planet with thoughts is threatening.

The Black Order or Black Lamas have appeared periodically through history. The scientific interpretation of historically distant appearances of identical groups, in a different time but with the same goal, we did not receive to this day. What is actually the real truth and what does it mean when they say: “We always come back until we solve the problem”?

Eight Bright, four Black, brought a handfull of grains. A new seed to sow on Earth where the rotten germinate.

This is again a game of recognition because One Black Lama came back. 12 Black Lamas are enough do start the global change.

Black is the symbol of purity.

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