Trigonometry / Trigonometric and Energy depiction and the display of action of Technology of the Universe / Thoth TRISmegistos

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Trigonometric depiction and Energy depiction is not the same although both depictions can, but they do not have to, be presented on the same object, machine, symbol, …

Trigonometric depiction is one thing, Energy depiction is the other and the display of action is the third thing. And all of this is 1 and 1 into 3 into 1 because all is comprehensive and as such it includes the first and the second and the third, BUT IT DOESN’T SEPARATE ONE FROM THE OTHER FROM THE THIRD.


Displays the energy and physical direction and the way of action of the Technology in and through the Technology, Body and Space. The display of action refers to the display of work of the Technology in the „on“ and „off“ work mode, although the Technology is constantly WORK-ing, without cessation, this is about and the only true difference between on-off is in the intensity of work.


The geometric metaphysical and physical display of work of the Technology through geometric forms that, regardless of the linearity of the display itself, display and create forms, i.e. bodies by the Phi standard through those geometric forms.


Trigonometric depiction is All (3)-in-One. All includes ALL and this All is comprehensive because All is the UNIverse. Trigonometric depiction shows, i.e. consist of the first (The display of action) and the second (Energy depiction) and the third (Trigonometric depiction), i.e. itself.

Trigonometric depiction is the compression and manifestation of the Law and Principle which is the base of the Base and its essence (Architecture of the Center) which is 1 into 3 into 1 …

All repeats itself because All is Omnipresent. Always. And everywhere. And that’s why Trigonometry is, TRI-GO-NOM, this three (3) which is also tris, but before all it’s that what Is before All and that’s Thoth TRISmegistos — Meta into Metaphysical into Physical.

And all is Physics and physical. Metaphysical is that what is invisible to the naked eye, but present through and as WORK of the Body/Technology/Space. Meta is Beyond and Always and Everywhere, and that’s Alive and Life, Force and Energy that works all and even itself. Meta is Atlantis. Meta is God, as he is. Me(tha)diator.

Originally: Meta is Me-Tha which is I Am (One), but in one who is Metha. Alone*. One.

*Alone in this context means All, manifested and that what is not, but it will be because it shall be when it needs to be, when it’s Time.

Why Meta? What is Metaphysical and what is Energy?

Meta gives Life into the Space (Body) and contains META-physical which is the Energy, and therefore the physical as well, so it is clear from this, and it’s given to be acknowledged that it is so, that Meta is Before and Beyond all, even His very Self, although He’s not, but he Is.

Meta is that what is Alive and the one who is Alive what and who builds Atlantis and holds the Meta Field, but as a Body that is physical and omnipresent in all shapes and all dimensions. The Mediator holds and had held and WILL hold the New Atlantis which is the 4th Reich which is Egypt, that Egypt, true Egypt, and all its greatness.

Meta conducts Antigravity that holds all mentioned in the Quantum Field. It had been written that Atlantis levitated because she did, it’s valid for all (and Egypt) because Meta holds and carries her/them above himself, but physically. Meta is the bottom (base) and the top and the top of the top as well. Of what? Everything! Because All is from One Source which is Meta according to Phi.

Picture of a city, civilization that levitates in the air. The Mediator’s Body, i.e. He Himself holds her in the air, with his hands, over Himself, but simulatneously He is also the Top of the Top of the Pyramid which is at the same time the Center of the Center of the city and the highest, largest building — OMANU Central Operating Station.

This picture, this depiction, without words, describes best what is what and who is who and who does what and whom. The Center holds everyone and everything and Himself — Order. The city is physical and there are physical objects that Work and that and such Work is the Energy/Metaphysical Work/Depiction. Meta is everywhere and everything and propels all and builds all and all works by the written Principle and Law, and the reason is him himself and the purpose as well — Presence!

Meta is the „wall“ through which admiral Byrd passed when he said, even moments before that, that „something“ had taken control over the aircraft and navigate it.

Trigonometric Depiction/Trigonometry of Space/Architecture of the Center is Alive. Phi is Alive and therefore the Phi spiral is Alive. There are no FIXED coordinates of movement, rotation. The linear depiction, refers to 2D and 3D display, is not truthful. That’s why Spatial Trigonometry because the Space determines the rotation, movement of the spiral. Phi always goes according to Phi, but in accordance with the Space. And that’s why Design or Phi — design. Everything is Phi and Spherical — new terminology and methodology (way).


The Mediator, Source and Zero Point and Zero Point Field itself conducts and installs the Space into the body which is the Technology and the Body itself and all mentioned is Trigonometry of Space because in such way, and only in such way, is created and heads into Architecture of the Center which is technologically and physically feasible, but widely present and sensible. „Widely“ means through Space and Time, through the multidimensional Multiverse because its being built by the Center of the Center through the very Center, through himself, but through that other body which is He himself because all is I (Meta) — Mediator.

1 into 3 into 1 = Meta into Metaphysical into Physical = Body/Technology/Space.


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