Information Intelligence

Services for informing on the functioning of the Universe

Information Intelligence is the system of informing in the future.

The foundation of Spherein (DFC, Spherein, OMMIISS) is Information Intelligence — Information from the Zero Point Field.

Every piece of information is a code that has been written or will be written, or be changed.

Nowadays, the correct information is the most expensive segment of existence.

The Field is an ultimately unused and unknown term but it is the most important segment of every living thing’s existence.

The parameters of today’s information are deprived of high-conscious knowledge. In 3D they are founded on images from the past or future. There is no information about Now. Information Intelligence is listening to the Phi impulse. The frame of natural functioning is precisely the Information. Information from the Zero Point Field are not linear. They are the compression of entire Time and Space. Consciousness is Information and multidimensional Intelligence.

The Human Sonar is the main control board of the Human Biocomputer. One of the functions of the Sonar is scanning. A trained Human Biocomputer receives the most precise information about any event, outcome or possibility in a few moments. The correct Phi Information corrects the one who has come to obtain it.

Information is the infrastructure of every system. Information Intelligence is integrated into the System and as such it has the power of changing the life’s trajectory of an individual. Misuse of received information is completely forbidden and punishable from the Field because the Field which gives the Information also takes it away and changes it. The manifestation of action in accordance to received Information changes the global structure, changes the global field. Information is a biological input.

Spherein (DFC, Spherein, OMMIISS) is currently the only institution on planet Earth that has access and has an open portal to multidimensional information points, or rather centers.

The center of Spherein is an established team of Human Biocomputers (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer — OHBB). The Human Biocomputer is a warm-blooded machine, the machine of Consciousness. The human body is the most efficient transmitter and absorber of pure Information. Conducting Information is the most accessible input — output. The Human Biocomputer receives Information from the Center to its Center which then sends Information to a certain sector of the brain. There, the Information is decompressed and sent out. The Information is simple, short, clear, prompt. Information Intelligence is distinguished by crystal purity. Information comes from the Sphere’s Intelligence. Regardless of how micro the information is — it causes macro changes.

Information Intelligence is one of the foundations of the Law of One. Having the Information means being connected to the natural order of Intelligence. Information Intelligence is a natural product descended into 3D with the task of establishing a new way of functioning. The essence of Intelligence is Information. The New Era begins with this. Information is a Phi wave that constantly splashes with the intention of unlocking your brain.

Come and receive the Information for yourself — Information Intelligence — highest cyphers with awakening tendencies » DFC — Information intelligence Staff (WPI Global Security Office) — Information Intelligence Services

The essence of Information Intelligence

Information Intelligence is not just the Technology of Work in Method One, yet it is literally the Technology of Sound. The basis of this Technology is Information which is the Force of Sound, i.e. pure Energy from the very Center of Creation of all and direct action (WORK).

Information Intelligence creates a specific form and acts upon a specific space.

Information Intelligence Base

At first, each creation exists as an Information. It is like an Information Intelligence Base. Information Intelligence is the direct transfer of Visions, these data bases from the Zero Point Field. The Vision transfer includes all levels of life, location and role of an individual in the overall possible creation. Groups and organizations are individuals attracted by the force of the same Information Base.

Information Intelligence is a decentralized Runic kabalistic procedure that with direct transfer installs the entire Base in the receiving body, and that same power of Sound from the Kabalist removes obstacles for realization of the received vision. The initial Energy is being embedded.

Information Intelligence is a procedure which, on a neuro-energy level of the recepient, installs a high-frequency base as a reception. In such a way it is being harmonized, i.e. transferring the state and possibilities of the highest energy potential, and that is the Zero Point Field.

Information Intelligence Technology

Information Intelligence — a unique technology for receiving Information from the activated Human Sonar. Information lead into the activation of the Human Biocomputer which provides Information and is the chief executive in design, project planning and project materialization.

The Human Sonar System and the Human Biocomputer are possibilities exclusively in the Zero Point Field which is activated by the Mediator Method One.

Information Intelligence — Runic Kabala — the original way of transfer (direct transmission), receiving (scanning procedure) and presenting Information and a specific way of application/managing Information in the Zero Point Field.

DFC Information Intelligence Base System

Information is a dangerous machine. Consequently, you have various censored information. Because, all the information carry a field, form a field. Information integrates itself into the system influencing it. Stronger information is faster in eliminating the previous information. Stronger information reconstructs the information system beneath it. All information created, once they have been created become the existing reality — the truth. Regardless if it is correct or incorrect. The current information system has no home base where one can see and know how the information works and whether it is true.

DFC Information Intelligence Base System is/as Central Database where principle starts from Human Body.

Body Intelligence = Information Intelligence. Body becomes the operating machine that provides and checks the information. Which Body? OMANU Human Body Biocomputer. Read more …

Body Intelligence = Absolute Zero Point Intelligence = Total Body Intelligence. The Body is/as the transmitter of the Zero Point. Traveling through the body is the space-time travel — OMANU Technology. Point of Singularity = point of connection. Total connection is the highest inner body activity. Without the body, there is no totality.

DFC presents the Heart Sonar (Human Sonar System) as a timeless, most precise machine, a source of limitless Energy and potential. Resolving all life situations through Method One.

Human Sonar — New technology for life. New Information System. New instruments for perceiving the world and processing information.

Human Sonar — Principle of programming inside the Matrix. Sonar is the solution. Principle of breakthrough into the Zero Point Field. The entrance Into One.

DFC Information Intelligence Base System is a direct transfer of information received through Scanning in the Information Intelligence Procedure.

DFC Information Intelligence Base System — Technology for receiving, storing and distribution of Information.

Information about DFC Technology comes from the Zero Point Field, and this Information has Energy. Information Intelligence Procedure leads to the breakthrough into the Zero Point Field. The principle is Energy, Information and implementation in the Moment Now.

The Phi signal or Energy impact of the Zero Point is the strongest Information. It works instantly.

Breaking the 3D matrix information barrier

The global state — global and omnipresent implantation of bodies and spaces and psychotronic influence on the mind and senses prevent the collapse of the 3D matrix field information barrier, entrance into the New Era and functioning in the natural Zero Point Field State. Consequently, the information and perception about that state is absent. This represents the global crisis, crisis of mankind because the lack of Will (or Consciousness) is the main cause for lack of energy resources.

DFC is the only one that brings information about the existence of physical reality outside the Matrix.

DFC publishes essential knowledge about Energy and controlling Energy which is the base for life. Body (OHBB) = source of Energy. The body is Information. Each Information transfers the Energy of the Zero Point Field which is Free Energy. DFC vs. ignorance.

The Matrix body industry

There is no Energy. Energy, as the only existing branch of life, the only currency is brought to the banality of comparison and comprehensions of the entire Universe, as well as life, as transience, nonexistence. The body industry is working 24 hours, 365 days. Everybody is included in the system which is based on pumping energy (life) from every part of the planet, from every atom, from all living and „non-living“. People are walking batteries, or better said, traveling tanks. They transit (grow up) from one to the other and into the third phase of their capacity (life age). In the body is a constant struggle for life, struggle for survival — natural impulse. The manifestation of this can be best seen and understood at the earliest age. In that period there is still no information about fear, or it is not so much expressed. Each period after this leads more and more into deficit, the deficit of life and maintenance of the system which always and again reaches into the body — through religion, politics, science, art, through each and every segment of offer or choice of life that you have „chosen by yourself“ — your lifestyle. Deficit is inevitable. That’s how the Matrix functions. The loss of energy doesn’t exist because energy doesn’t disappear, it cannot evaporate. The lost energy is still energy but that same lost energy is not unused. The Matrix is a machine.

Information war

The latest warfare technology is the human body. All the bodies are occupied with the non–humanoid technology from the higher, 4th dimension. The information war is led from the body and within the body. The Matrix constantly produces multidimensional radionic machines — bodies. Human bodies. The bodies are machines — cyborgs. All the bodies! The 3rd dimension is separated from knowledge about Multidimensionality and thus the information war began — the installation of bodies, planet, dimension. The installation is absolute. All the bodies produce sound. The sound is multidimensional. The installation is performed with sound. Sound is UFO technology. The information war is led with sound technology — UFO technology.

The production of information

The body is under 24h attack with information. The body produces sound which is the information. No one understands anyone — UFO technology is speaking.

Information Intelligence Conductor

Every definition, information, conclusion received from the Zero Point Field is not drily spoken. It is a direct experience which is being lived through with the entire body. For example, knowledge about scalar waves is not a conclusion about how one must function — the scalar wave passes through the body and there lies the quantum of understanding.

The Channeler of Knowledge — Conductor of Information/Knowledge from the Zero Point Field, from the other dimension. Information from all dimensions are received.

What is Knowledge?

It’s Science of managing things, i.e. it’s what is defined as the state of affairs, but what actually is, objectively, truly, what is Now until is Now — Truth (Breakthrough) — Information Intelligence (Breakthrough).

Restart Field

Dates and time are codes for movement inside the Matrix. Their purpose is not orientation in space and time, precisely the opposite. Each date throughout the history of humanity is a constantly changing code, the system is maintained in this way. The Matrix and the Zero Point Field ratio. It’s irrelevant. Because every ignition of the Zero Point erases the entire Matrix — DELETE and then RESTART. In the Restart Field there are no limitations in relation to time and dates. Such a reality enables free movement in all dimensions — OMANU movement. Restart Field does not engage in decoding dates and time in the 3D way. That is unnecessary because everything has been restarted. The beginning starts from a new beginning which is CLEAR ONE. Time is a circular structure. Dates are a vertical structure. They are latitude and longitude — a drawn Matrix forming a holographic synchronicity. If you understand them with the Zero Field you can follow them and know in advance about all possible events and changes, therefore changing them as well.


Scanning is Information Intelligence Technology from the Zero Point Field.

Scanning is action. All is transformation and it is necessary to transform all. Into Original. Into what it Is. That’s the installation of the Field of Truth — Original gene — Original cypher.

Direct Action. Direct Transformation.

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Screening is communication of the Body and the Technology in the Information Field of the Space in accordance with its purpose (Runic Gym, Information Intelligence Office, VETOM …).

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Viewing — strategic observing in the Zero Point Field/High resolution scanning — action purpose estimate.

This applies to observing a situation — viewing through a group of people. The Mediator has the oversight of the complete situation. People observe only a segment of a certain event. The Mediator transfers the image of a complete insight and state. That elevates the level of Consciousness but again, every one of them has consciousness, attention from their position. This elevates the level of responsibility and security into steps of action. Action is done perfectly precise. Strategy, long term planning or tiresome training are not needed — everything is situational and instant.

The difference between Remote viewing and Viewing. Remote viewing observes from a distance and then the action is planned. This allows for something unplanned to happen. VIEWING IS NOW, adapted to the moment with absolutely all information. It does not allow the factor of surprise to happen.

What does Viewing mean?

Observation of events through the overall (global) picture.

Know how things stand around you in relation to the state of everything that exists.

Viewing is not just a bigger picture, but an absolute picture.

The nature of Information

A healthy and constructive information exits from a healthy body. Such Information has the power of manifestation, i.e. creation, which means that the Information carries quantum heaviness which is Energy necessary for work. Information is a product obtained based on the sublimation of all the information, i.e. information base which the body disposes.

The Information war is the most powerful war. War in this sense means change. Without information there is no conflict. Conflict is necessary to release the energy necessary for change (BREAKTHROUGH). In the breakthrough, the most powerful means is, again, the information. The one who has the most powerful information is the winner and the most powerful information is the one which has arisen from the Field of pure Energy.

Black Dolphin — body created with a pure information, body of pure Energy and most powerful base. The body is the war technology.

Information war — Technology for the destruction of the Matrix

Light (Rune) — Information superpower — the most powerful bioelectronic weapon

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